Saturday, March 27, 2010

Almost Done

Phew, this 9 patch has been HARD WORK. Never ending, and all the little seam pressings in between ! I was determined to finish the top yesterday! It was over 30 Degrees outside and I was struggling. Nine o'clock last night I had it! But, the piecing is done and I just need to go around to my local quilt shop and get  more of the plain fabric for the borders. But I am happy so far.... a bit worried about some 'waves' around the outer edge, must have stretched it somehow. Hope the borders will rectify it somehow!


  1. I am sure the borders will take care of the waves. Pretty quilt and I love the pic of the quilt on the frame, just my colors.

    kathie L.

  2. Great job!! Be careful how you measure your borders (ie through the middle not edge of the quilt) and you should be able to 'ease' any fullness out at that stage :)

  3. stunning work,i adore the pattern,its beautiful,you must have such patience

  4. Thanks Tracey. It's still not quilted though ! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be visiting yours too!