Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun at Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair

It's always one of the highlights of the year, when we go down to the Sydney Craft and  Quilt Fair!

 This year there was alot more knitting and crochet stands, lots of luxurious wool and embroidery yarns. Scrapbooking still seems to be very popular too. Wow and a huge comeback of tea cosies! Always new gadgety things to see at the shows too.

My daughter went to a show for the first time and enjoyed herself. She was intrigued by the silicone cake decorating moulds. We came home with a few and were eager to try them out the net day.

The Art you Wear Challenge was lovely. This Licorice All Sorts being my favourite and the winner.

The 'Decorate a Bra' competition for charity was fun to see!

We attended 3 or so workshop/demos which is always inspiring and helpful.

The Quilts on display are always amazing!

Now, back to reality.....

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