Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back after ....months!

Hi Everyone

Wasn't sure if I would find any followers left after my long absence, but youbeautiful people are still here, thanks so much. Well it was wonderful to have my family over from South Africa, but 3 months without sewing and blogging was hard. In the mean time the siggies kept on coming (international signature swaps) and then there was my Jan and Feb block swaps as well. Everyone was so patient. I have in the mean time played some catch-up, not quite there yet, but getting there.

Here are some of the siggies on their way and the 2 block swaps I mailed out today!

Good to be Back!

Siggies on their way....

Jacobs Ladder in Green & Brown country colours

                                            Squares upon a Square in Teal & White