Monday, May 16, 2011

Looks SICK !

As a result of the quilt I made for my Ouma's (Nana) 98th birthday, I decided to make a similar one for a 21st birthday. It is for a guy and I thought those colours  (Charity by Moda) will be nice.

Again I joined all the Jelly Rolls in one long strip. I did however use 2 JR's this time, as I wanted it to be bigger than a lap quilt and cover his bed. After the first JR was used up. I joined strips from the next one until it was the right size. I used a brown for the backing and leftover JR strips for the binding.

The quilting is just a large meandering pattern (quick!) .  It was delivered this weekend and the guy was very happy with it.

When asking how it looked on his bed, he said: " My bed looks SICK!"  Don't worry, in Ozzie slang that means COOL !

Monday, May 2, 2011

If you Have to Go, You have to GO!

After Googling for hours , tossing and turning, getting advice from a quilting friend, etc. I decided to take the leap and invest in an AccuQuilt GO! I am looking forward to trying it out in the next few days, probably this weekend.  I have 3 finished quilt tops to quilt before I am supposed to start any new project, but with the GO! staring at me, it's going to be just about impossible. Additional to the dies that came with the GO! I ordered the 5'' square (to make my own charm squares and the big tumbler die. Can't wait! 

Opening up my GO!

                                           Placing a random piece of fabric.....


                                                             Turn, and turn and turn.....

                                               and... wha-la ... like magic, there they are !