Monday, August 30, 2010

Nothing's Happening !

My postings are non-existant, but for a good reason! I can't even find my sewing table! Why? We are pulling up all the carpets in our house and replacing them with floating floorboards. Ourselves!  So for the time being not much is happening for me in the quilting department, and it's NOT GOOD. The floors will look amazing when done though, so I need patience!

This is my dining room where my sewing happens...before and after.  But at present our main bedroom furniture is in there and we are sleeping in the guest room!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What To Do?

Due to circumstances my Quilting Lady is not able to rent out her quilting machine any longer. What a disappointment! So, how to quilt my quilts now? Don't have room for a longarm and not the $$$$$$ either! So I am looking for a smaller version for a home quilter. After a week of searching on the internet I found an Australian made frame... the Happy Jack.  This might work????  Will investigate some more. There is another one from the States, the HandiQuilter that looks awesome, but the $$$$$ are way more. Hmmm....

In the meantime, Ruth's charity quilt was auctioned on Saturday night for a fortune! People are so generous. I am blown away. 

I am currently working on a double bed quilt for my youngest teenager, a pinweel from the Sizzling Sixties book (made with a Jelly Roll) and a finished top that needs quilting. 

Oh, and Saturday morning there was a mini quilt show at the Presbytarian Church in Wamberal, and needless to say some fabric, two charm packs, a pincushion and a pattern found its way home....