Monday, August 30, 2010

Nothing's Happening !

My postings are non-existant, but for a good reason! I can't even find my sewing table! Why? We are pulling up all the carpets in our house and replacing them with floating floorboards. Ourselves!  So for the time being not much is happening for me in the quilting department, and it's NOT GOOD. The floors will look amazing when done though, so I need patience!

This is my dining room where my sewing happens...before and after.  But at present our main bedroom furniture is in there and we are sleeping in the guest room!

1 comment:

  1. The new floor looks great! and just imagine - all that PINNING space!! and it's so much easier to clean up around your sewing machine with a polished floor - those pins love to hide in the carpet!

    I'd like to say "have fun" but there's no fun in this job but well worth all the hard work!