Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A little something on the side

At the rescent Sydney Craft show I bought Zpagetti yarn. It is THICK and you whip up something in a night! I can't really crochet and had to start over 3 times but still managed to fnish this in one day! Pretty exhausting, my hand was pretty tired! Fun though!

Saturday my 2 daughters joined me for a candle and soapmaking day! we had lots of fun! It was very theraupeutic and we came home home with lots of goodies. Favourite of the day was the Lemon Meringue soap!


  1. I love your bowl. I tried one but the yarn was just too floppy. The candles look great. The lemon meringue soap does look luxurious.

  2. Lots of creativity going around at your house.


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