Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quick Stop

Hi Everyone

As mentioned before we now have family from South Africa visiting so my sewing and blogging are more or less non-existing from now on! I had to rush to get my November block swap done, before it's December! Also made a few siggys , the sewing bits at least, so I can do the hand sewing even with the visitors here.

I promise I will be more active in blogland next year! Here is just a quick look at the blocks Rosemary and I made for each other this month. She made me the cheery Wonky Star and I made a log cabin in greens and browns.

Happy Sewing !!!!


  1. Love both of the blocks.
    Enjoy your time with your visitors.

  2. I had withdrawal too while hubbys family was visiting. It's nice to be back so I look forward to your return! Merry Christmas!

  3. love these blocks!!! have a great time with your visitors

  4. I love those wonky stars, I must try a few in the New Year.

  5. They are beautiful!! I love both!

  6. Hi Minette, The two swap blocks look really nice. Wonky is such a good word. I loved all the things in your My Stuff slide show. I look forward to your next post.