Monday, May 14, 2012

Mixed Emotions Mother's Day

To all of my lovely blogging friends, I hope you had a special mother's day.

A day of mixed feelings for many, including myself. A day when my mom, living overseas seems especially far away, a day when my granny are deeply missed, passing away only last year at the ripe age of 98.

 A day I thank God for entrusting two gorgeous young ladies to our care to be a mom to them. How I wish I could have a 'game over' and try again to do a better job. Regardless of all my mistakes raising them, I rejoice in the fact that they grew up knowing and loving God and are 2 beautiful God-loving girls. What more can a mum ask for?

                                          Girls and Mom during recent holidays
                                          Me , the girls and Mom

                                          The girls and Mom (Ouma)

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  1. Thank You for becoming a follower on my blog..'on my verandah'..Congratulations on becoming Aussies..You have a lovely Family.