Monday, November 21, 2011

My Baby all Grown Up !

I do apologise for my absents in blogland for so long. since ma dad and grandma's deaths only weeks apart, I just lost my mojo. I have been following everyone else's blogs, but just didn't have a desire to blog myself.

I have been quilting though and will take some piccies and put them on. I finished the tumbler baby quilt as soon as the baby was born and the mummy was very happy.   I also finished another baby quilt top and as soon as the baby is born December I will finish that one off too.

I am busy making some placemats FOR MYSELF as a class projects on Fridays at my sewing group. Hopefully they will be ready for Christmas! I also finished the top for my daughter's batik Jelly Roll quilt.

My mum is arriving in 2 weeks from South Africa and when I was over there for my dad's funeral I brought back a suitcase full of his old shirts! I am busy cutting them up to make Mum a lapquilt to take back home in February. It is a bit upsetting at times when I cut up his shirts! Hope I can make something nice with them. If anyone has ideas for a pattern please share! They are pretty bland and plain colours.

Oh and I almost forgot, I am still keeping up with my block swaps each month!

Would love to share with  you that my oldest daughter (4 in the picture below) has just finished school and had her Formal last Wednesday! How time flies! It was a lovely night and she was smiling ALL the time! So blessed to have her as a daughter! She is currently at Schoolies !

Chat soon!


  1. Oh, what a beauty your daughter is! Hard to believe how quickly the little ones grow up!

    Is the red-head in the photo with her your other daughter?

  2. Nice to read your post again.
    Your daughter has grown into a very pretty young lady.
    Hope she has lots of fun at Schoolies.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments! Yes Impera, indeed the younger sister, haha!

  4. What sweet, sweet pictures of your daughter. I especially love the one with her and the baby lamb. I always say, time does fly!