Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthdays and Babies

Happy Birthday to me !!!  That was the 8th September...

Lunch with my friends and daughters at Terrigal Beach

Dinner with my precious family !  

So today I finished my first baby tumbler top for a little girl! There are about 4 more babies on their way and this was so much fun and easy (thanks to the Accuquilt Cutter) to cut and piece this top. 

I decided to cut the sides to make it square, think it looks ok that way?

Now if only I knew if I should make more boy or girl ones????  


  1. A very Happy Birthday to you Minette!!!

    Wow!! I had better get my parcel of tumblers off to you so you can get working on the other quilts! I'll cut a few more tomorrow and hopefully get it away to you by the end of the week. I like the squared off edges, much easier to add the binding! and I love the way you have used the white fabric for the borders - looks so clean and crisp!


  2. Happy birthday Minette!! It looks like you had a lovely day, spending it with loved ones ... aren't they the best?!
    And I am loving your tumbler baby quilt - what a clever idea for a fun, easy quilt for a littlee!! I am sure bub's mum will appreciate all your hard work!! And I am a fan of the squared off edges - for the same reasons as Helen!