Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quilted Bickies

Have you EVER seen something a gorgeous as THESE ?

We visited dear friends from Uni days a week or so ago. They live in Albany, West Australia (down at the southern part). Beautiful !  My hubby and his best friend had a ball, fishing and doing boy things.  Christine and I had so much (more) fun doing girly stuff, like .... chatting ALL day about everything and anything, shopping, having coffees etc. Christine has made some beautiful quilts herself, but her latest passion is making speciality biscuits.  Knowing I like to quilt, she secretly made these especially for me (while I was already in bed!) They are so special and I feel very spoilt ! Thanks Christine !   She also made some gorgeous ones for my teenage girls to take home to NSW.  Must say there is one huge advantage to decorating cookies .... you can eat your mistakes! 

made by Christine @ BickieBlessings


  1. I know ! I've only had one as Christine wanted to know how the tasted. Was really hard to pick a victim!

  2. What amazing biscuits. They look so fabric like.